Lacking inspiration…

17 Dec

Ah, exam week. The time when the amount of people in the library is equivalent to the amount of people in church on Christmas or Easter. A time when drinking 6 cups of coffee is perfectly acceptable, or when it’s cooler to look like you rolled out of bed than it is to use a hairbrush. Here’s to a realization that as a senior, this is my second to last exam week….ever. Weird? Perhaps, but I’m not necessarily complaining. Here are a few things that kept me entertained when studying fell short.

1. Pinterest. Seriously, why didn’t I think of something as amazing as Pinterest? This is studying’s WORST nightmare and my best friend. I love looking through all of the beautiful photos as well as making plans in my head to recreate all of the DIY’s. When I actually get off of Pinterest and find the time…

2. Job Searching. Graduation is quickly approaching…dun dun dun. This past week I’ve found that I’ve been focusing on the road ahead and have actually started looking for jobs. So far, I haven’t found anything. But hey, I’m staying optimistic! Maybe…

3. Online Shopping. Well, here it is. The Christmas season. And now that I actually have a job that allows me to purchase gifts for people, I’ve been doing just that. One thing is for sure, my loved ones will not be receiving hand-made cards this year (a.k.a. I don’t have any money and I’m too cheap to buy a card at the store). I always went by the saying, “It’s the thought that counts,” and after years of my mom joking with me saying “you could have had a bigger thought,” I’ve finally moved up in the gift-giving world. Mom, you won’t be disappointed.

So thank you exam week, for making me feel more productive in all other aspects of my life. I couldn’t have done it without you.


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