At first I did not know it was your diary… I thought it was a very sad, handwritten book.

20 May

Bridal Party Meets Bridal Boutique...And Food Poisoning

So for the record, I saw Bridesmaids tonight which was probably the most hilarious movie I have seen in a long time. Fifteen minutes into the movie, I was crying, and in a good way. Kristen Wiig is my new idol. After I saw the “Judy Grimes” and “Sisters” SNL skits, I knew she was funny, but that movie just took the cake and catapulted her into a whole new realm of funny.

In honor of Judy Grimes and her extremely helpful travel tips which she never once provided, I decided this blog will be used to document my entire trip to Rome–mainly because I know I’m going to get tired of sending millions of emails to friends and family about my day-to-day experiences. So this will be it, sort of like an online diary. But not as personal. Obviously.

And so the countdown begins. I still have 9 more days and I am getting even more excited. I have a shopping trip planned with my mom tomorrow to get all of the necessary stuff. Knowing me, the shopping will probably last longer than the trip itself, so I probably should make a list first. Probably…maybe…not.

Quote of the Day:

Officer Rhodes: “Running a wedding should be fun. You know if I ever had a wedding I would want everyone to be stress free. You know I would like it to be a carnival. Like people win prizes guessing the bride’s weight.”
Annie: “You know you could have elephants and bride and groom can walk on a little tight rope.”
Officer Rhodes: “Well what you are talking about there is a circus wedding. That is totally different, you missed it.”



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